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Political Concepts [Poem]

I saw her crying while she was alone
When she thought that others and I were gone.
I heard her breath and saw the moist eyes,
Just like I had heard some of her painful lies.
She was once gambled and left in a havoc
Of which, now, I’m part of in a trapped block.

I knew that she cries because I did too,
But now, for what I have been through-
My heart is filled with a rigid strength
With new ideas lying upon few uncounted lengths.
However, I still hear fear in my footsteps
With hatred I was feeded with some political concepts.

They made me to kill, and to cry,
To hide more truths, and to tell more lies.
I hated nobody, but them; and to prove them wrong,
I preached more love and mercy in my songs.
I believe something shall change with my effort
Being a candidate of a new league built from scratch and dirt.

You may see a board hanging on my doorstep:
"Under Construction - A new political concept."
They play with hearts to prove their minds
And they lead the armies of different kinds.
To drop a bomb or to steal someone’s smile-
They teach the world in a handy style.

This isn't the result of years of ignorance,
Neither is it an answer to uncanny tolerance.
This is the crop of tears untamed--
They had it in their legacy and they create more pain.
But I’m sure, one day, one of my steps
Will establish some better political concepts.