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Clean Up Your Own Tears [Poem]

Black - you feel; you’re out of the shock
Alone in dark, surrounded in the fog.
Slowly, from lips of soul, tears start to flow-
As you hear your heart - it beats too slow.
You are unafraid; you've had your fears.
You sit down and cry, and clean up your own tears.

You had friends who were not told
The stories of how you’ve been this cold.
You make it your bed; a sea from your sight-
Sinking in tears that came out of your own eyes.
You ask yourself how you could kill yourself,
But what do you do when your dreams have melt.

You look at your hands, and feet - they shake.
Your heart is hurt, yet it does not break.
You prefer to death, but you have to survive.
There is nobody who would look into your eyes.
They’re hurt too, and they refuse to sprout;
Yes, It’s when your tears refuse to come out.

You’re already tired of crying, they fear
For they know you’re tired of cleaning your own tears.
Though you do stop, it’s when the sky must rain-
To burn your wounds — a little more pain.
You look at the sky, and to it you say, “Surprise -
You do whatever now, I don’t have to clean my eyes.”

The Satan, who scares you no more, may appear,
You say, “Even you weren’t there to clean my tears.”
And he stands there with his head bowed down;
Because they fed you more hatred. Asked you to frown.
They put their heart to make sure that you see
How much you think you cannot be free.

You're amazed and lost in some kind of storm,
Living a life for which you were not born.
You know you need help, but there's nobody you see
Who must know what it is that you feel.
This throbbing soule wants to get up again,
But your're bound in affliction; you're no more sane.
Countless words and transfrences may rise
Among the cold water and the fog in the skies.

You know there is a wrong, and there is a right,
But all you could cry is that you can not cry.
There is nobody with the right sight
Who could see the world from your sight.
You look down, a million fathoms, and you’re about to jump
Convincingly, to make your life to come to an end.

That is when you see the glow.
Though you may not, but your heart does know
About the angel who comes to make a change.
You cry once again, and it's too strange.
Welcome to the this world — it's right beyond your fears.
Now, you don’t have to clean up your own tears.