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Standing Tall [Poem]

Do not frown upon me
For what I do not have.
Do not frown upon me
For I make up for most of that.

My eyes might not shimmer
When I see your pocket full of dimes;
But I promise they'll shine brighter
When I step outside every time.

I might not seem so happy
When you stepped up and I couldn't do.
I swear it won't be so crappy
When someday I'll make it too.

The world seems full of madness
When your luck climbs and mine crawls.
There's not need of sadness,
For I can still stand tall.

You only see what I'll leave behind.
You make it look so hard.
I believe in things of different kinds,
And I see all the hidden cards.

Those who fight are better than those who don't.
You just have to make the call.
Those who believe are better than those who don't,
In strength of standing tall.

Do not frown upon me
For everything I have lost.
Do not frown upon me
For I'll get back at any cost.

Facebook's Emotional Manipulation Experiment And What I Think About It

I just finished watching "The Social Network" movie for the third time. Only a couple of minutes after I was done I came across this post on Huffington Post regarding facebook's experiment which manipulated emotions of several facebook's users by changing what was being shown to them.

The experiment conducted by facebook continued for one week in 2012 when the original algorithm for what would be displayed to users in their news feed was replaced by one which made certain people see mostly good posts, and others mostly bad posts in their news feed.

What facebook found was that the responce of users was in clear corrspondance with what was being shown to them. No surpirse!

The information gone public has generated all sorts of reactions from facebook users from people wanting to quit facebook and those protecting the company.

However, I am personally against any such experiments and have not yet fully read any comments favoring the company, I believe that the information of the expeirment can effect how people see facebook (for a couple of days, at least).

Being a strong lover of science of psychologoy myself, I understand that while some emotions go a long way in building our decions there are some which last only for a couple of days (or weeks in some cases).

While facebook's quest for knowledge regarding the users' emotional reactions may only have triggerd some depressing feelings in some people for only a while, there is no reason for us to not to believe that it might have caused some havocs which we might not have discovered.

I don't yet know the basis on which facebook's algorithm decided what to show to whom, but let's assume that someone is already going through bad times, and then facebook comes in the way and shows them more depressing stuff; in turn, making people make bad decisions which they may not recognize immidiately.

I am not saying that this theory is entirely true, but I don't think it would be wrong to consider the possiblity.

I appriciate facebook's efforts in research related to social psychology, but there are also many ways in which I personally dislike facebook (not saying that you should too).

Anyway, if I was to give my personal opinion I would ask people to maintain a healthy life and not let social networks and what they see on their screen determine their moods. At the same time I also strongly encourage social psychology researchers and companies who dominate internet and social networks to not to conduct such experiments without proper precautions.

There is nothigng wrong with using a social network, but it's also important to know your boundaries.

Future Of A Man, And How I Intend To Change Mine

I always tell people that a man must not know his future. For if it is good, the knowledge of it might make him over confident, so much so that he ruins it. If, however, it is bad, he might lose hope which could help him get through the bad times, or else ruin the possibility of changing the time ahead.

Yet, for some reason, I find myself reading my horoscope every morning.
May be it's the complex of me considering myself better and smarter than others to consider myself deserving of knowledge of my future. Or maybe it's just my fear which makes me make this extra effort of trying to change my future.

Whatever the case may be, what I have found today, and always, is an idea which expresses it better than any forecast, that I have ever read, spoke for itself.
It is an idea which seems to make more sense than any horoscope has ever made, or ever will make.

I have read several horoscopes of myself, most of which have been negative and depressing. According to an astrologer who my father consulted when I was born, I should have died already. Well! Let me clarify that I'm not dead and this writing is a well proved evidence of the same.

It was extremely depressing for me when I read horoscopes forecasting miseries when I was already going through my bad times. They spoke of accidents, deaths, and everything bad that I could possibly ever imagine.

Nonetheless, I got through all my bad times, proving most forecasts wrong (while some have been terribly true).

What I found, though, was that the days when I did not read my horoscope (or days when I was less concerned about astrology) were, in many ways, better than those days I spent otherwise.

Pardon me, those who believe in astrology; I do not intend to prove the whole idea of astrology wrong.

What I want to say is that sometimes it's just better to leave future for the future and not let it drag our present behind.

Thus, a man must not know his future, however true it may be.

The Sky Which Is Mine [Poem]

I can still feel the pain when I want to.
I can still feel the joy as I do.
I can still put the words down on paper;
I just don't know what to shape them to.

More desire to lose than to gain;
That is all that has changed.
Is it too bad to wish for freedom
When your house is no more your home?

To spend a moment with the face
That feeds my heart which is huge,
And fuels up the fire in the back of my head
Which keeps burning the oil that it must do!

I still carry the pebbles - most beautiful.
They do not just shimmer - they shine;
And light up the world that they need to,
And make up the sky which is mine!

Adulthood Avenue [Poem]

The entrance of world of players
Is strange as it may seem.
There, kiss and kicks both appear fair,
And all garbage appears too clean.
Here, everybody keeps trying to act
Who they are not, and can never be.
This is a place where fear is a fact,
And that is what keeps them in teams.

Everybody plays their poker face,
And everybody knows what they hide.
Everyone knows what's real and what's fake,
Yet everyone will tell you lies.
Every morning the light might break free,
But at the night, the sky cries.
For a time of day the frown may cease,
But, in the end, hands are used to clean wet eyes.

Every foot slips and trips in the tide,
But they never tell what they did.
Stern - they all act alike,
But are afraid of falling as when they were a kid.
The weaklings feed the stronger one--
It has always been the world's trend.
The philosopher only accepts that he is done
When he has made more enemies than friends.

Political Concepts [Poem]

I saw her crying while she was alone
When she thought that others and I were gone.
I heard her breath and saw the moist eyes,
Just like I had heard some of her painful lies.
She was once gambled and left in a havoc
Of which, now, I’m part of in a trapped block.

I knew that she cries because I did too,
But now, for what I have been through-
My heart is filled with a rigid strength
With new ideas lying upon few uncounted lengths.
However, I still hear fear in my footsteps
Of hatred I was feeded with some political concepts.

They made me to kill, and to cry,
To hide more truths, and to tell more lies.
I hated nobody, but them; and to prove them wrong,
I preached more love and mercy in my songs.
I believe something shall change with my effort
Being a candidate of a new league built from scratch and dirt.

You may see a board hanging on my doorstep:
"Under Construction - A new political concept."
They play with hearts to prove their minds
And they lead the armies of different kinds.
To drop a bomb or to steal someone’s smile-
They teach the world in a handy style.

This isn't the result of years of ignorance,
Neither is it an answer to uncanny tolerance.
This is the crop of tears untamed--
They had it in their legacy and they create more pain.
But I’m sure, one day, one of my steps
Will establish some better political concepts.